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Meet the Team


Brian Bulger - Creator

A silly, lanky, baldy weirdo who had a dream as a child of making his own board game. In 2022, Brian founded BIBCA Creative (Brian's Incorporated Business Company Agh Creative), which houses and manages Brian's creative endeavors such as music, board games, and writings. Brian lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife, Tess, and little tiny son Alfie. If Brian isn't busy creating stories, board games, or any other idea that pops into his brain, he is probably playing music. Lastly, Brian believes Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and Women's Rights are Human Rights, and empathy is the answer. 

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Maddy Cushman - Illustrator/Designer

Maddy Cushman is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. When she’s not drawing cute piggies, she is designing for progressive political candidates and non-profit organizations. She is also a huge film nerd, loves taking pottery classes, and baking pies.

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Lucas Morgan - Creative Direction/Playtesting

Kirsten Vlasic - Creative Direction/Playtesting

Will Rivera - Creative Direction/Playtesting

Nick Mehn - Creative Direction/Playtesting

Brooke Spalding-Ford - Copyright/Proofreading

Tyler Wassam - Videography/Photography

Kyle Ross - Videography/Photography

The Cast of the promo videos: Tiff Wortham, Sam Elliott, Lauren Donaldson, and Lucas Morgan

Tessa Bulger - Endless Support

Joe, Ben, and Phillip Bulger - Endless Support

Print & Play - the incredible folks who made all the prototype materials for the game and accommodated all of my strange requests. 

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