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Badageetchy Kickstarter is Now LIVE!

Whew. Three years of work has led to this moment. Badageetchy started as a silly idea I had, and sat on the shelf for a while before I had the confidence and mental energy to finish what I started. It's felt like this impossible dream for a long time, but now that it's here it feels like it was meant to be all along.

<-This is the original drawing of the board, circa August 2019. I sketched this up and sent it to my brother, Phillip, who worked at a sign company at the time. He took these shaky lines and made it into this:

With the help of my pals (Ladarius and Hudson are pictured here), I began to playtest it. The Shop names are the same as this day in 2019. I bought little tiny piggies and put pieces of tape on them to tell them apart. Bought some cardstock at an office store and hand-wrote every card. It was so confusing, lol. I owe a lot to my friends for getting into it when it had very strange and confusing rules and the cards simply had hand-written words on them. But what I did have: silliness, words and phrases I obsessed over (Yeet, Laryn B. Gitis, etc), and supportive friends, was more than enough.

It's crazy to me that it started like that and became this:
But that is all thanks to Maddy Cushman!
I first met Maddy when her illustration work was sent to me when I was searching for an album artist for a project back in 2020. I was, and still am, obsessed with the style and flow of her unique art. In January of 2022, I went out on a limb and asked if she would consider drawing some Piggies for me. "Just a few characters", I said. Well, I LOVED what she came up with and she LOVED doing it, so we decided to work together to make the whole damn thing together!

More behind the scenes photos coming soon! For now, please share our project with your pals and family. Direct communication, a text or message, goes a long way! I believe we can make this game get into stores all across the country. I sincerely appreciate your help with this, a small dream has become a big project that I have poured everything into.

Brian Bulger
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